Social Distance for Months, Now Board A Crowded Bus or Subway Car!

Seriously, does anyone think transit ridership is coming back anytime soon? Many changes to buses, subway cars, and stations will be needed to get ridership on subways and buses back to pre-COViD-19 levels. Subway cars and buses have to be cleaned often, and air exchange increased. Wait time for trains and buses have to decrease to lower crowding. People know that social distancing reduces exposure to the coronavirus, but few are aware that influenza, pneumonia MRSA and tuberculosis quickly spread on crowded subway cars. Warts, ringworm, and scabies are skin diseases one can catch on a crowded subway. (1) Crowded subways and bed bugs are common (2) Transit authorities have tried to hide all the diseases and parasites one can catch in crowded subway cars and subway stations hidden from passengers. It is time for transit authorities to clean up mass transit and make transit healthy.

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