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Bad decisions destroy cities and hurt people. No solution should ignore the people impacted directly by any decision. We believe the right answers are not always popular. A solution that benefits all are the right solution that is not usually possible.

Leaders need solutions with as few unattended consequences as possible. Our focus is to avoid answers that that seem viable, but aren’t! We know real-world solutions will never please everyone..

Just because someone with a degree or lots of credentials tells you it is a good idea does not mean it is.! Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.

Too often, architects often produce ugly buildings that suck the soul out of a neighborhood. Skyscrapers do not a liveable city make. A city is more than buildings designed to awe. Too often, this is forgotten. A city that builds to cater to just the powerful and wealthy is seldom a liveable city for the many. Our objective is to offer solutions that make cities incredible places for all, even if that means some chaos and disorder.

Just because it can be done does not mean it should be. Mistakes are hard to undo. Makeovers often end up just being “makeup on a pig” that wastes more capital and time. Boston City Hall Plaza is ugly and reflects little understanding of open space.

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Research by teams made up qualifier researchers from several disciplines.
Methodologies used include historical analysis, natural history of the area, trends. AI modeling using advanced mathematical concepts and normalization of computer models developed to model wind and light. When applicable, holograms are used to understand the visual impact.

Great Cities Are Art Galleries Filled With Communities

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