Tax Exceptions Distorts the Nation!

There is No FREE Lunch! No organization can be independent if it has no economic independence from the nefarious enforcement arm of Washington DC, the IRS is. Churches, non-profits, and schools can not be independent of government and express views opposed by the government if it is beholden to the same for financial favors. OnceContinue reading “Tax Exceptions Distorts the Nation!”

What’s the Problem with Urban Planning?

The problem with urban planning is Urban Planning! Urban planning is that it is: dictatorial; represents the vision of a few; disenfranchises most of a city’s population and their neighborhoods; stifles innovation; dilutes civic power and wealth from the many to the few; stifles innovation; stagnates economic and business; picks losers and winners, and distortsContinue reading “What’s the Problem with Urban Planning?”

City-Loving Malaria Mosquitoes

Businesses, city administrators, health officials, and those in the hospitality and transportation industries should know that malaria is not just an urban problem. This scourge that has plagued Africa for millennia has moved into African cities. This Asian mosquito indigenous to South-East Asia has migrated to cities in Eastern Africa. Anopheles Stephens is an urbanContinue reading “City-Loving Malaria Mosquitoes”

Social Distance for Months, Now Board A Crowded Bus or Subway Car!

Seriously, does anyone think transit ridership is coming back anytime soon? Many changes to buses, subway cars, and stations will be needed to get ridership on subways and buses back to pre-COViD-19 levels. Subway cars and buses have to be cleaned often, and air exchange increased. Wait time for trains and buses have to decreaseContinue reading “Social Distance for Months, Now Board A Crowded Bus or Subway Car!”

Energy Efficient Buildings Kill!

The fixation academics and bureaucrats have had for decades to make every building energy-efficient while downplaying the negative health consequences of breathing recirculated air is an example of academic, scientific, and political tunnel vision. The way to fix a long-term and complex problem is not to ignore or simplify other variables in the environment thatContinue reading “Energy Efficient Buildings Kill!”

Plan For More Pandemics

There will be more pandemics because: Growing popultion density increases the frequency of deadly viral infections.(1) The more people travel to different locations, deadlier infections and illnesses will increase.(2) Earth’s declining magnetic field may increase the occurrence of deadly viruses.(3) Population expansion into forests and expansion of poultry and livestick production increases the lethal virusesContinue reading “Plan For More Pandemics”

Extended Shutdown Is A City Killer.

Wuhan Virus – The consequences of mayors acting on bad advice has devastated the world’s cities. Urban advisors, health experts, and scientists using computer simulations have caused harm. New York, Chicago, Boston, London, and other cities that shut down will not recover. A city is its buildings, infrastructure, and population. Buildings and infrastructure are vitalContinue reading “Extended Shutdown Is A City Killer.”