Extended Shutdown Is A City Killer.

Wuhan Virus – The consequences of mayors acting on bad advice has devastated the world’s cities. Urban advisors, health experts, and scientists using computer simulations have caused harm. New York, Chicago, Boston, London, and other cities that shut down will not recover.

A city is its buildings, infrastructure, and population. Buildings and infrastructure are vital to the cities population. Not protecting buildings and infrastructure endangers life, the ability of the city to provide services vital to the community, taxes, and jobs. Much more important is a city is a complex myriad of motion of people that took decades to evolve. Shutting down cities was a grotesque mistake. Bureacrats have stopped the heart of the city giving little attention to circulation. The cities organizations, businesses and social patterns have all been damaged. Closing cities and social distancing have damaged social patterns that are essential to a city.

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