Density, Zoning and Disease

Epidemics, individual health, energy, transportation, and economics all need to be considered in any urban plan. Cities cannot escape Pandora’s box of diseases. No municipal leaders and planners , or institution can long ignore diseases. Healthy neighborhoods and buildings cannot be sacrificed on the altar of energy efficiency. Proper ventilation and sanitation in buildings and all types of mass transit are vital to keep diseases at bay. Proper enforcement of public hygiene laws and sanitation are all part of the urban equation.

Mass transit, automobiles, bikes, and walking are all part of good urban design. Ignoring sanitation is not an option. Zoning has to be used to bring back communities. Where work, entertainment, business, medical services, and shopping are all within a 30-minute walk. This will reduce the spread of disease by decreasing transportation requirements, congestion, and enhance the quality of life.