Dangerous & Dead End Fads

Anthropogenic global warming.

Brutalist Architecture is just that brutal to those condemned to have to look at.

Car Centric Cities and Urban Sprawl do negatively effect the health of urbanites.

Central Place Theory reduced cities and urbanites to simplistic geometric models.

Energy Efficient Cities are breeding. Grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Eschewing the Subsidiarity Principle that cities should be free to solve local problems.

Euclidean Zoning creates urban gulags and mind numbing sameness.

Extended urban quarantines.

Full Return on Investment Analysis in Lieu Of Value Per-Acre Analysis

Landscape Urbanism continues urban sprawl, discourages walking and mass transit. Too many green areas encourage crime and the use of chemicals and insecticides to control harmful insects and plants. Another failed simplistic reduction of complex urban environments resulting in dull and ugly cities.

Mega Cities are dehumanizing, totalitarian and human ecological disasters.

Metabolism (architecture)

Neo Urbanism

Office, Research and Industrial parks create strong urban and regional economies, as well as improve the quality of urban life.

Prioritizing automobile speed and uninterrupted traffic flow within city boundaries is not sustainable, dangerous to pedestrians, and creates road noise.

Private to Public Investment Ratio greater than 20:1

Save the Planet is silly jingoism to scare the masses. It Belongs next to the World War One poster: The War to End All Wars!

Single rail rubber-tyred trams are neither buses or streetcars and expensive.

Smart Cities a concept foatered by dumb people.

Solar Powered Cities great until another Krakatoa!

Suburban Retrofitting