Mistakes that make a building poorly designed are costly to undo. A building that cannot be used as designed is an expensive mistake. Too often, there is nothing that will fix either of the above fails other than demolition or change if use. Too often, architects try to find solutions that are the equivalent of putting ”lipstick on a pig!”

Buildings not liked by the average person is of little concern to urban planners and architects. Politicians in a democracy may tell the public they care, but they don’t. The harsh reality is buildings are designed by those in charge and not the average person looking on.

Urban designers do not design buildings for the public. Instead, they design buildings for themselves and the people who control them. When architects share the same vision of how a building they create should look, just as in fashion, everyone copies that look which, unfortunately, unlike clothing, the structures built will be around for generations unless torn down.

The public has a say only after the fact and often not even then. This possibly why graffiti is almost universal except in the most totalitarian of societies such as China.