City Solutions
Transportation planning improves mobility, access and efficiency of the transportation system.

We use a collaborative process that allows us to evaluate project alternatives.

We understand site specific as well as city wide transportation planning issues and are well versed with various modes of transportation.

1. Identify and define a problem or a need
2. Conduct background research or a preliminary assessment
3. Conduct study, survey, field observations, collect data and documents
4. Analyze alternatives
5. Prepare recommendations and reports


Our team balances regional objectives with local needs and can develop regional and local transportation policy. This includes working closely with elected officials and transportation staff for a variety of issues.
Created Regional Transportation Profiles
Developed commuter rail station profiles
Examined freight, port and goods movement (truck and rail) issues
Developed transportation policies for metropolitan planning organizations, county transportation commissions and air districts.
Developed transportation policies for local jurisdictions.
Developed community based transportation programs.
Created downtown area and site specific transportation plans and mitigation programs.