City Solutions
The team knows how to mix funding sources and the importance of meeting the criteria and timelines of funders. We have successfully secured over $1 billion in transportation funds for our clients. This includes funding from a variety of federal, state and regional sources.

We have written grants and negotiated agreements to obtain federal, state and regional funding for public/private partnerships and local jurisdictions that include freeways, interchanges, rail stations, transit systems, parking systems, economic revitalization, environmental justice, new technology, grade separations, community planning, parks, port facilities, pedestrian facilities, urban design, waste facilities and a variety of other transportation projects.

1. Develop funding plan
2. Create schedule and timeline
3. Identify and analyze funding sources
4. Create funding and legislative strategies
5. Mix, match and leverage funding options
6. Develop grant applications


Just as important, the project team understands transportation programming processes. We help cities meet funding criteria and reporting mechanisms enabling our clients to leverage and maximize the use of funding resources.
Federal Reauthorization
California Transportation Improvement Plan
Regional Transportation Plan
Local transportation improvements