Mr. Goldman has worked in and around local government for more than three M Goldmandecades. He is one of the top government strategists in California and served as Chief of Staff to two Los Angeles Councilmembers. He has also worked as a government relations liaison with the Los Angels City-County Film Office, where he developed and implemented communications and political strategies on behalf of the entertainment industry. he has worked closely with elected officials, staff and commissioners throughout the City of Los Angels.

Goldman has worked extensively in bringing together business and community stakeholders with the goal of developing consensus and compromise relating to assorted proposed land use development projects. Likewise, working with the motion picture industry, he frequently negotiated on behalf of production companies seeking to utilize residential or commercial locations for sensitive on-location film shoots. These meetings were particularly challenging give the inconvenience often associated with film shoots, such as evening hours, disruption to local businesses and increased traffic and demands for parking.

Goldman also has extensive expertise in managing and fundraising for political campaigns, including spearheading the creation and passage of Los Angeles City Proposition K, a $750 million bond to fund parks and recreational opportunities for young people. He also coordinated media outreach in Southern California for a former lieutenant governor's reelection campaign and his subsequent U.S. Senate campaign, and has run numerous City Council campaigns.

Goldman was a member of the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission, which drew the Council's current boundaries, and serves as the Vice-Chair of the City's Construction Services Committee.