Linda Forster is a community relations specialist focusing on business, Linda Fostereconomic development, community outreach, material testing and construction.

For over 10 years, Mrs. Foster has used her corporate and social experience to address the needs of specific industries such as government contractors construction, and not-for-profit organizations. She is well experienced with policy makers, business and industry management, not-for-profit, public interest groups, educators and technicians. An experienced facilitator and strategic planner with good oral and written communications skills.

Mrs. Foster has worked in the South Central Los Angeles Community with her mother “Sweet” Alice Harris, for over a decade. In fact, she and four of her sisters helped their mother founded the Parents of Watts Working With Youth and Adults Multi-Purpose Community Crisis Center in the early eighties. Her involvement in the Watts community has served as a training ground for the development of the mission of Forster Company to train and develop local economically disadvantage adults and business to participate in construction related jobs and services throughout the state of California.

The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office has selected Mrs. Forster as their representative on the Enterprise Community Oversight Committee. (ECOC). Mrs. Forster is also an Elected Delegate for the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee. She serves on the Candidate Elect Committee for the Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee.

Mrs. Forster is also an active member of the Black Political Action Committee (BAPAC), Los Angeles Chapter. Mrs. Forster is a strong advocate for Youth at Risk and serves as a mentor to a lot of the youth in her community. She believes that all youth are at risk and constantly seeks out her business colleagues to serves as mentors to guide them in the way in which they should go. Mrs. Forster is the Administrator for a California Mentor Program. She is a member of the Church of Christ. Everyone who knows her will testify that she is a God fearing woman. Mrs. Forster has been married since 1989 to her loving husband Egerton Forster. Together, they proudly produced two beautiful children Aristacus (7) and Renaissance (2).

Mrs. Forster has earned her Undergraduate Degree from Pepperdiine University, Malibu. She also earned her Graduate Degree from California State University Long Beach.