More than twelve years of management experience, including training and development, human resources management and operations. A leader with proven ability to effectively analyze markets and situations, research options, makes firm decisions and follows through as necessary. Applies an active rather than reactive management style which focuses on business growth and retention.
Perform economic, financial analysis and analyze economic impact reports for business development.
Compile and analyze complex data on feasibility of multiple international development projects.
Analyze situations, identify problems and recommend solutions.
Assist in the development of business and management strategy
Assist in coordinating external funding sources and strategic financial planning.
Member of a management team working with the Minister for Public Works and Transportation, Republic of Guinea on acquiring a water development project that will produce clean drinking water and hydroelectric power to six communities.
* Working with the government of Anambra State Nigeria, to develop an international airport.
Organize and participate in public relation campaigns.
Served as liaison on inter-governmental relations.
Help the client achieve its growth objectives and competitive goals by shifting the client’s emphasis from going after multiple contracts to securing substantial contracts.

Among his more recent assignments, Mr. Forster has worked for the Pacific Pipeline Systems, Inc., a partnership made up of Texaco, Chevron, and Southern Pacific Railroad, to generate community and government broad based support of their proposed project designed to transport crude oil through Southern California via a state-of-the-art pipeline system.

The program was designed to dispel myths regarding related to state of the art crude oil pipelines. This was accomplished through ongoing dialogue with communities affected along the proposed pipeline corridor. Methods such as door-to-door surveys, participation in key community events, community events, community orientations, economic revitalization programs.

Mr. Forster has been heavily involved in community outreach for several years, specifically in the Los Angeles County area. Mr. Forster has devoted the majority of his professional career to the development of people in working with economically disadvantaged adults. His involvement in Watts has served as training ground for the development of the mission for Forster Company to train and develop local economically disadvantaged adults to participate in construction services jobs throughout the state of California.

Mr. Forster helped start a full-service concrete and soil laboratory in Watts, using local adults to operate, manage and maintain. This project helped transform young adult from lives of corruption and self-destruction to mature, productive and economically independent workers. This project also increased minorities and women in the technical work force and reduced crime on the street.

Mr. Forster has worked in Watts community for over a decade. He also served as a key member of political Champaign management teams, not only in Los Angeles government, but also at the California State and United State Congress levels.

Public awareness is generally integrated into each of Mr. Forster’s job creation projects. He has the capacity to provide development to help citizens groups become more effective through workshops, consultation services and training to help develop critical skills necessary for effective citizen involvement.