City Solutions is one of the leading Think Tanks in the United States. It has been recognized and honored by the National Alliance for Healthy Communities as “one of the top 10 Think Tanks in the United States”. As a think tank, City Solutions provides analytical information to our clients based upon real facts. It provides well thought out options and objectives to meet the client’s ultimate goal. As a think tank, we go beyond simply providing and analyzing information; we participate in the execution of the plan of action. Much of the data is based upon focus groups and polling, but basic outreach is also the backbone of the foundation.

What we attempt to do for our clients is to make bad laws good or right and to take a "no" and turn is into a "yes"

Often, folks take legal action because the law is not clear, or just, or supportive of their issues or efforts. Our goal is to change the law to support good public policy and good business practices.

City Solutions is a Thank Tank. We develop a plan or a strategy that allows the client to move forward in a successful manner. Sometimes, this means creating new law or new regulations; other times it simply means getting a fair interpretation of the law or regulation and/or effective outreach.

Our team has a wealth of experience in developing successful and trusted relations that lead to a resolution of challenges beneficial to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, integrity and work ethic. It is about winning, but winning in the right way.

We have learned to work at all levels of government. By dealing with the local, regional, state, and federal agencies we can take any issue through the system successfully.

We have learned to balance the art of politics with the art of knowledge and media to create win win situations.

Local government

Local governments are concerned with a multitude of issues from funding of parks, to streets, fire, paramedic, police, housing, economic development, parking, transportation, and the environment. While many of these issues are under local control, they can also be supported by state or federal government. Others are under the total control of the state.

We have secured over $200 million for local government projects…bureaucratic process. Some of these projects have been funded by loans at no cost or low interest while others were realized through grants. Some were brought about through the legislative process, others through the bureaucratic process.

Currently there are 350 bills in the Assembly and over 200 bills in the Senate that effect local government.


City Solutions believes strongly that success is obtained upon coalition building through outreach. Our program is extremely effective using focus groups and polling to help gather facts. After the facts are collected, they are evaluated?? By a team of experts. Based upon the evaluation and analysis, plans are developed. Once plans have been formulated, action is then taken using facts and with a clear focus on the objective.


The reality is that every business has a partner, it is called government. This partnership exists whether it is related to business taxes, workers compensation, environmental issues, minimum wage, licenses, permits, parking issues and much more. These partnerships exist with the city, the county the state and the federal government, and they are here to stay.

We help our business clients by making this relationship the best that it can be. We'll assist you in streamlining the complexities of the system, creating dialog, and reversing negative rules and regulations. Whether zoning regulations, taxes, or whatever challenges our clients are confronting, we find that matters can typically be resolved through an expert understanding and examination of the situation and related issues resulting in an outcome beneficial to all involved.

Whether small or big, most businesses face challenges, and out of challenges come resolutions. Workers Compensation and business licensing fees, for example, create ongoing challenges for the majority of businesses, but through a combination of our expertise and the right approaches these issues can be considered with the relevant parties, and ultimately resolved.


Through managed care, the healthcare industry in California has been transformed. Slowly, refinements are occurring that will help balance managed care with good business.

Among major challenges…unintentionally created an uneven playing field with health plans dominating the landscape…to make sure it happens properly. We have been selected as advisors to the State Health and Economic Task Force.


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