City Solutions
The world has grown closer where we have almost become one. Travel has become much easier as air has improved in quality and speed. Internet as brought us together in real time and news 24 hours a day, 7 days week makes us aware of life around us. This also brings challenges to international relations, trade and restrictive regulations. As an example, the United States of America is known to have the most stringent regulations when it comes to public health and safety. Years ago this effected goods produced in the Unites States, but had little effect on products outside the US. Today these regulations effect all products all over the world and become more then regulations they become challenges to trade. Now with many of these US agencies looking to open offices on foreign soil human rights will play a role as will mainstream regulations. These additional operations on foreign soil will also cost the United States significant dollars at a time where the national deficit continues to grow.

Our company has worked with trade embassies throughout the world on attempting to balance trade, bur we have also expanded our outreach to education and communications. What we have found is that in some cased the United States regulators need to be better educated on communication channels and semantics as we have found that foreign entities need to be educated in the same way of US customs and protocols.

As an example, we have an agreement with the United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA, to setup a working "task force" with foreign entities. This will result in quarterly meetings with FDA and if necessary more often. We are in the process now of going through the selection process for those who want to be members and also identifying the Chairperson. We also have set meeting for once a year in Maryland with the directors of FDA and if need be more often.

For our clients we coach them on issues related to regulations and protocols, provide regular meetings with regulatory agencies and elected officials, provide electronic newsletters, upgraded interactive websites and much more. We are working with foreign governments and businesses now in setting of site of origin inspections which will save all parties money and time.